Why I Made Happiness My Goal Instead Of Wealth

Men's Style: Choosing Happiness over Wealth

Around 5 years ago, I moved to London to start my adult life and pursue a career. Having jumped at the first job offer to be thrown my way, I found myself in a sales role based in Canary Wharf, surrounded by some of the biggest financial corporations and wealthiest people in London. Due to my surroundings, I soon found myself setting goals based on my salary, the amount of money I had and the material possessions I owned that would show off financial status. Every decision, both professional and personal, was based around making myself more affluent to satisfy this “ideal lifestyle” I had pictured in my mind’s eye.

3 years later I found myself consumed by misery, specifically when it came to money, desperate to achieve more but disappointed in what I thought to be my own perceived lack of ambition. It was at this point that I started talking to someone about how I felt, what was driving my unhappiness and what I could do to improve my day-to-day mental attitude. Looking back, it was pretty clear that my fixation on money was dragging me down… View Post

3 Ways To Help Build Your Confidence

Build Confidence 1

Confidence is something that not all of us are graced with from birth and many who aren’t struggle to find it throughout their life. As someone who has often fought issues with self-consciousness, I’ve tried a variety of methods to help build a routine that puts me in a more confident mindset. These can be small things I do with my everyday schedule to larger changes in lifestyle designed to have a long-term impact on your thought process. Today, I’ve put together 3 of these methods in the hope that it may help some of you to experiment with your own and help grow your self esteem. View Post

The Quarter-Life Crisis: One Year Later…


Around this time last year I wrote a piece on the struggle that many young people face in their mid-to-late twenties, namely the “quarter life crisis”. I got so much feedback from all of you and was inundated with emails, comments and people on Twitter saying that they had been through similar experiences. Considering the response, I wanted to do a follow-up to show how I’ve managed to deal with some issues, what I’ve learned to let go of and what I’m doing to combat some of my insecurities going forward. View Post

The BarberBarber Gents Sharpen Up Spitalfields


The Gentleman and The Scoundrel are probably fairly accurate representations of the duality of a man’s personality. This idea of a character with all the manners and respect of a gentleman but also the mischievous intentions of a rogue is common in society. Icons traditionally associated with the word “gentleman”, like James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, follow this dual personality of refined man and rascal.

So it is fitting that BarberBarber pride themselves on being a gentleman’s grooming salon for both gentlemen and scoundrels, offering some of the finest hair and beard treatments around to the men of England. Having been told about their excellent Liverpool branch by my younger brother Simon, I was excited to hear that they were opening a new shop in Spitalfields Market. A few weekends back I stopped by on the day of its launch to get a feel of how they’ve placed themselves in such a competitive market and what can be expected from the newest barbershop to hit the capital. View Post

Understanding Charisma & Why It’s Important

I’ve often said to friends and followers that being a gentleman is about your attitude towards the world and other people, not the clothes you wear. A key element often seen in strong personalities is the presence of charisma and the ability to utilize it in a variety of situations. By definition, charisma is a compelling charm or attraction (not necessarily physical) that inspires devotion in others. More basically put, it is the ability to gain trust and understanding from those around you, whether they are strangers or close friends.

I’d like to add at this point that this is not a lesson in dating techniques or some sort of free online seminar on seduction, instead I want to discuss why charisma is an important part of being a member of society and contributing to it. So here are a few tips and ideas that have helped key members of society become more charismatic people. View Post