The Male Stylist’s Aftershave Guide: Common Mistakes, Tips & Advice

The Male Stylist: Aftershave Guide

Men’s fragrance is a tricky topic to navigate, there’s a whole host of different ingredients, types of scent, language and common problems men face when finding a new aftershave which can often lead to disaster without the right kind of knowledge. So I’ve put together a few tips to help you get to grips with how to find a great signature scent, style it the right way and avoid some of the most common pitfalls. That way you can make the most of your fragrance and ensure you hit the right tone every time. View Post

Hacking Your Hangover: Part 1 – Pre-Emptive Action


I wanted to save this post for a Friday, instead of my usual posting day of Wednesday, because I figured this information might be more useful before a weekend considering the lives most of my readers will lead.

So you’ve had a bit of a long night. The drink has been steadily flowing, you’ve had a lot of fun and you’re heading home after a great night out. You suddenly remember that you have an event to go to tomorrow and, feeling your inebriation slip into hangover,  you realise you can’t afford to be feeling rough. Whether you need to look presentable or just can’t afford to look like you’ve recently been dragged through the set of The Walking Dead, this guide will help you take some pre-emptive actions to reduce the impact of your hangover and keep you looking as fresh as possible for the next day. View Post

3 New Summer Fragrances For 2016

Summer Fragrances The summer months are not only about sun, beer gardens and beaches but also about the fresh fragrances associated with summer flowers, chilled cocktails and the open ocean. During this period, it’s worth rejuvenating your fragrance collection and adding in some new scents that compliment the warmer temperatures and summer styles. Whether it’s something fresh and subtle for an afternoon in the sun, cool and fragrant for a clear morning or dark and seductive for an evening out, your summer colognes should not only be a reflection of the climate, but also an expression of your style.

With that in mind, I’ve put together 3 new fragrances that have recently arrived on the scene that cover a variety of different summer situation and fashions. You can also find tips on wearing colognes and how to apply them so they last longer here. View Post

5 Tips For Travelling In Style


When Frank Sinatra said “Come Fly With Me” I doubt he took into consideration the sheer variety of limitations we would have to face in the 21st century. 100ml or less on all liquids, baggage costing extra and hand luggage below a certain size, it’s something of a small miracle to actually be able to go abroad and maintain an element of style.

Having recently been on a trip of my own to Rome, I managed to research a few tips for fashionable travelling which will help give make your holiday a Voyage of Vogue, rather than a Passage of Primark. View Post

5 London Barbers For 5 Types of Men


Over the past few years men’s grooming has taken off as an industry in terms of product ranges and companies providing grooming services. London, one of the main hubs and drivers of this growth, hosts a plethora of grooming salons across the city to satisfy all needs and budgets. Choosing the right one for you can sometimes be overwhelming with the majority of options having fantastic customer reviews and competitive pricing, so how do you select one?

Today, I put together 5 of my favourite London barbers from around for 5 different types of men, based on their services, decor, styles and product offerings. View Post