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This is the first post in over 3 weeks and I am so very sorry for going quiet on here. It’s been incredibly hectic in my life outside of the blog with a lot of changes and upheaval and, though none of it has been negative or sad, it has been a big shift in my routine so the site had to take a slight break while I organised myself. I offer my sincere apologies to readers and followers who have been frustrated by the lack of new content on the site, I assure you that will be changing in the coming days. View Post

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A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to be invited along to Farfetch’s SS16 event in Murdock’s Soho barbershop to hear about their plans for the future of men’s style and what the new season will bring as a whole. It was a wonderful opportunity to see some fellow male bloggers, discuss the newest iconic pieces and, for those who wanted it, receive one of Murdock’s signature grooming treatments.  View Post


A few weeks back myself and a few other bloggers were invited along to an Christmas photoshoot in Shoreditch by the people from Joe Brown’s. It was a great chance to meet up with fellow bloggers, both well-established and new, as well as catch up with a friend or two. It was also an opportunity to style something I hadn’t previously tried before, namely an outfit that uses heavier, thick-wool tailoring to give a slightly rustic look. View Post

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Last week Blogging Edge released their nominations for the top UK bloggers across a variety of categories, selecting 5 of the most voted for blogs for each one. I was incredibly surprised and honoured to find my name in the “Men’s Fashion” category alongside well established greats like Silver Londoner, By Fashion Nazi and Carl Thompson.

Now that voting has opened you can go to the voting page (linked below and in the image above) and click “Men’s Fashion” then simply locate and select my icon (in the North West of London) and then click “Vote”, it’s that simple. Any and all votes are appreciated and I’d like to thank everyone who nominated me for the award in the first place.


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A few weeks back I asked you for your opinions on the blog, what you like about it, what you dislike about it and what needs some improvement. Thankfully, most of your feedback was positive which is greatly appreciated and makes running this blog a real treat for me and all of the contributors involved. However, there were elements that I knew needed some improvement and one or two that were highlighted by you guys. So here are a few changes that are being put into action both this week and in the coming months to help make The Male Stylist a better experience for both new and regular visitors. View Post