What A Gent’s Wearing: Tailoring & Knitwear Styled Two Ways

Men's Style - Tailoring Knitwear

For me, this seasons has been all about the combination of knitwear and tailoring to create outfits. The idea of having something as smart as a suited look with the added texture and warmth of knitted items is both extremely stylish and very practical during these Winter/Spring transitional periods. Recently, I decided to put together a combination outfit that would work equally well with two different types of accessories allowing for slightly different looks that would work well for different tastes and occasions.

So with the morning sun cracking and the remains of an early day’s fog settling on my lapel (you’ll notice a few water droplets) I put together these two subtly different outfits. Let me know which one you prefer in the comments section.

Photography Credit: Sarah Anne Choa View Post

What A Gent’s Wearing: The Knitwear-Tailoring Combination


One of my style resolutions for this year is to actively start including more knitwear into my tailoring looks. This is a concept that has been around for a while now but one that I’ve been keen to use in my outfits as it allows for a great deal of versatility when it comes to the way tailoring looks and feels. Over the weekend I went into Central London to do some suit shopping and decided to try out a new look as I wandered around the city, by combining casual tailoring elements and a new jumper. The idea being to create a smart look that was warm and didn’t require the addition of a coat to keep me warm. View Post

What A Gent’s Wearing: The Windy Winter Day Wardrobe


With the cold of Winter now taking hold and the days becoming shorter, I figured I would spend some time wandering around North London and get to see some of the natural beauty in its parks. It so happened that on the day I was doing this, the wind decided to make itself known and I spent a quiet Sunday afternoon being blown around Finsbury Park as I watched the world roll by. Fortunately, I was prepared for such an event with a warm outfit that utilized rich colours and outdoors-y themes to create a look that was stylish as well as being a good defence against the cold gusts of November. View Post

The Joe Brown’s Photoshoot – Winter Tailoring Style


A few weeks back myself and a few other bloggers were invited along to an Christmas photoshoot in Shoreditch by the people from Joe Brown’s. It was a great chance to meet up with fellow bloggers, both well-established and new, as well as catch up with a friend or two. It was also an opportunity to style something I hadn’t previously tried before, namely an outfit that uses heavier, thick-wool tailoring to give a slightly rustic look. View Post

What A Gent’s Wearing: Suit Styling For Under £200


One of the most common requests I get is to create a tailored outfit that looks stylish but also works within a limited budget. Nowadays a half-decent suit can cost upwards of £300 and that doesn’t necessarily include extras like ties, belts and shoes which (depending on your tastes) can make the outfit considerably more expensive. So a few weeks back I decided to create a fully tailored outfit that looks contemporary and dapper, but won’t break the bank. The aim was to prove that style doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to be willing to shop around and maybe head into town yourself (to avoid the delivery charges of internet shopping). View Post