Build Confidence 1

Confidence is something that not all of us are graced with from birth and many who aren’t struggle to find it throughout their life. As someone who has often fought issues with self-consciousness, I’ve tried a variety of methods to help build a routine that puts me in a more confident mindset. These can be small things I do with my everyday schedule to larger changes in lifestyle designed to have a long-term impact on your thought process. Today, I’ve put together 3 of these methods in the hope that it may help some of you to experiment with your own and help grow your self esteem. View Post


I often talk about personal style as being my main goal for this blog and my interpretation of fashion, however I’ve often had people say to me that they really struggle with discovering their own personal style. Although they actively spend a lot of time trying to find their “look”, they never quite manage to find something that they feel comfortable wearing and look good in. After a few questions, we usually ascertain that there is a particular reason that is preventing them from constructing great outfits. With that in mind, I wanted to highlight 5 common reasons you might be finding it difficult to find your personal style. View Post


The monthly subscription box for men has become, over the last few years, an increasingly popular trend with boxes for men’s grooming, fashion and health. The idea of a monthly delivery of different products has something that has seen a great deal of success in the women’s market but has had somewhat muted success when being transferred to men’s products.

I was recently gifted a box from the gentlemen at Bachelor’s Box and was keen to see what they offer and how it stood up in terms of value for money. I’ve been keen to find a box that works for me as I think, when done correctly, they can be a great way to build your inventory of accessories and creating new looks. The question is: does the Bachelor’s Box provide this? View Post


A question I’m often asked following outfit posts is what inspires me and how I put them together. It’s worth saying that this article is designed to help men find their own styles and understand how to incorporate their ideas into their attire. Today I’ll be walking you through the elements of an outfit I’m putting together for a style shoot in a few weeks time. Advice and feedback are always appreciated. View Post


Recently, I’ve been asked a lot about baggage styles and what men should look for. This is a common question, with the Summer season in full swing and many people going away on holiday, the ever troublesome issue of baggage becomes apparent for many men. A fair amount of them will choose to dig a tatty holdall out of the closet or haul your old, hard suitcase from the attic. For those of you taking a long weekend away, and looking to travel in style, it’s worth investing in a beautiful weekend bag to help make your journey a more elegant affair. View Post