A Short Word On The Weekend Bag


Recently, I’ve been asked a lot about baggage styles and what men should look for. This is a common question, with the Summer season in full swing and many people going away on holiday, the ever troublesome issue of baggage becomes apparent for many men. A fair amount of them will choose to dig a tatty holdall out of the closet or haul your old, hard suitcase from the attic. For those of you taking a long weekend away, and looking to travel in style, it’s worth investing in a beautiful weekend bag to help make your journey a more elegant affair. View Post

The Subscription Box Debate with DapperBox


The monthly subscription box has become something of a recent trend within the men’s style market. Having become a relatively well established concept within women’s beauty, the idea was moved over to grooming with shave kits and razor monthly subscriptions that adopted the same “pay a small fee for multiple samples” approach. To give you an idea of the scale of this growth, I’ve had around 60 emails from companies talking about their men’s monthly box covering everything from shaving to smaller clothing items in the last 6 months.

The question is, however, is this simply a short-lived gimmick or is it a valuable and sustainable idea that rewards consumers for their money rather than simply throwing a selection of products at them for a flat monthly rate? To find out I took delivery of a sample subscription box from DapperBox, one of the newer names on the market that promises premium goods at a fair price. These items mainly consist of lapel pins, cufflinks, ties and socks but seemed to follow combination of contemporary and classic styles I like so much. View Post

The Gentleman’s Belt: An Often Waist-ed Opportunity

Gentleman's Belt Guide

A few weeks ago I was ranting to a friend of mine about the fact that I had seen several men on public transport, not wearing a belt with their trousers. After much debate about the importance of the belt, it dawned on me that many men see them as unimportant when putting together an outfit. Granted it is a small item, but it is in the finer details where an outfit becomes truly stylish; so making the effort can really pay dividends.

Today I wanted to go over a few basic rules for men wearing belts, what you should look for when styling a belt with an outfit and my experiences in getting a tailored belt from a famous London specialist belt shop. You better buckle up for this one… View Post

The Male Stylist Around The Internet (Part 3)

The past few months have been pretty hectic here at The Male Stylist. A new year, new job and new house have all meant that I’ve been a little rushed off my feet. However, recently the website has received attention from some top names in the men’s style industry and I’ve also had the opportunity to contribute to some leading men’s lifestyle and fashion websites. I wanted to post a few of these to give you the opportunity to read them and get the chance to explore some fantastic websites to get advice and tips on.

Yahoo Beauty: 8 Dude Beauty Bloggers to Watch


I was incredibly honoured to have been featured in this article by Yahoo Beauty promoting some of newer male beauty bloggers across the internet. To be alongside top names like Fashionisto Diaries, Urban Beardsman and Aaron Marino from Alpha Male was very humbling. Big thanks go out to you all as well as Yahoo Beauty for supporting the website and making it the success it’s become. View Post

5 Great Posts From My Favourite Bloggers

Over the past few weeks I’ve been gathering some of my favourite posts from bloggers who I follow and read regularly. Far too often great content is read and then never shared with others simply because people don’t remember to or they don’t necessarily have the time. Today, I wanted to discuss 5 of my favourite posts that I’ve seen in recent times and what makes them (and their authors) so great.

Style Girlfriend: Steal His Look – Schmidt from “New Girl”


It’s no secret that I love the Style GF website and the styles she uses in her posts. However, this post has become a strong favourite with me as I love Schmidt’s fashion sense and I have been told I have very similar behaviour patterns to Schmidt on multiple occasions (read: family, friends, work colleagues and anyone who has spent longer than 5 seconds in my company). It’s a great breakdown of what makes the character’s style so unique as well as a complete breakdown of the look for readers to shop. Simple and stylish, the Style Girlfriend to a tee. View Post