The Overtones: The Gentleman’s Muses Of Style

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Style inspiration for men is a tricky subject to grasp and easily digest. looking for contemporary elements that perfectly compliment the classic styles which mark a gentleman is never an easy task. However, The Overtones appear to have this style down pat and are working to bring classic styles and sounds into modern culture. The sharply dressed, doo-wop group look to meld the classic all-male vocal group look from the 50s, with modern tailoring styles to produce some of the most inspiring looks in music.

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4 Film & TV Villains With Killer Style

Film and television have brought many stylish protagonists to our screens, giving us good guys with great fashion giving us yet another reason to support them. From the classically suave Bonds to the flamboyant Dickie Greenleaf, the extravagance of Jay Gatsby to the rebellious Jim Stark each one has been heroically stylish. However, every now and then the villain’s dark intentions are expressed in their dark fashion-sense, giving us some of the best dressed bad guys on our screens. Today, we run through 4 of our favourites and what makes them so stylishly sinister.

Thomas Shelby – Peaky Blinders

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Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, is the leader of the Peaky Blinders, the well renowned Birmingham mafia of the 1920s. This real-life gang terrorised and controlled the city with ruthless violence and extensive money laundering; which the gruesome BBC TV series re-imagines brilliantly. Thomas’s love of long coats, thick wool tailoring and flat caps, complete with razors in the bill, makes his looks both iconic and sharp (no pun intended). Although not necessarily completely in keeping with today’s trends, there’s certainly a great deal of inspiration in Tommy’s wardrobe. View Post

5 Men’s Hollywood Style Icons For 2015

With 2015 now in full swing and Hollywood gearing up for another year of blockbusters and big-screen hits, there is also a new crowd of young actors all ascending through the ranks. We’ve selected 5 of our favourites to watch for their top style guidance as well as their performances on-screen this year.

Eddie Redmayne

Following his most recent appearance in “The Theory of Everything”, Redmayne has been earning a name for himself as one of the hottest new British talents to hit Hollywood. With a resumé that includes “Les Miserables” and “My Week with Marilyn” he’s managed to work with top stars like Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman whilst his career was in its infancy. We look forward to seeing his performance in this year’s sci-fi spectacular “Jupiter Ascending”, due to launch later in 2015. View Post

4 International Gentleman Style Icons

We’ve covered a variety of style icons over the past few months covering a variety of age groups, eras and style types. Today we discuss 4 top icons from around the globe whose sharp style choices and sharp fashion have made them some of the best dressed men in Hollywood.

John Cho (South Korea)

The Seoul-born star has had a variety of roles throughout his time in Hollywood from the comic antics of Harold Lee, in Harold & Kumar, to his more recent role of Hikaru Sulu in the new Star Trek films. His style is one area that has always remained consistently sharp though with the use of slim-fit tailoring and shirts complimenting his slender frame. For any gentleman looking for styles that work for a lean body-type, this is an icon worth following. View Post

3 Winter Style Icons for Gentlemen

Men’s winter style comes in many forms, varieties and designs. The rustic combination of denim and wool, the classic gentleman’s tweed or the Parisian chic of roll necks and trench coats; all of these represent a single element of a gentleman’s winter wardrobe. Tailoring these designs into outfits, however, takes inspiration and fortunately for us there are a fair few male style icons out there to inspire us. We’ve put together 3 of our favourites who represent great men’s winter style for you to review.

Jeremy Piven

The star of “Mr Selfridge” with roles in “Entourage” and “Grosse Point Blank” is a firm favourite as one of the top men’s style icons around right now. Already named as one of the top men’s fashion icons by Men’s Fashion Magazine, the charisma and versatility of his looks has made them instantly recognisable and influenced the way men style themselves everywhere.

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