Over the past few weeks I’ve been gathering some of my favourite posts from bloggers who I follow and read regularly. Far too often great content is read and then never shared with others simply because people don’t remember to or they don’t necessarily have the time. Today, I wanted to discuss 5 of my favourite posts that I’ve seen in recent times and what makes them (and their authors) so great.

Style Girlfriend: Steal His Look – Schmidt from “New Girl”


It’s no secret that I love the Style GF website and the styles she uses in her posts. However, this post has become a strong favourite with me as I love Schmidt’s fashion sense and I have been told I have very similar behaviour patterns to Schmidt on multiple occasions (read: family, friends, work colleagues and anyone who has spent longer than 5 seconds in my company). It’s a great breakdown of what makes the character’s style so unique as well as a complete breakdown of the look for readers to shop. Simple and stylish, the Style Girlfriend to a tee. View Post

The internet is a great platform for men everywhere to share their style ideas and gain inspiration from others around them. Instagram is a great place to find some of the most cutting edge and best dressed men on the internet, they offer style advice, fashion news and even talk about styling outfit details. There are hundreds of great male fashion accounts to follow, but we’ve put 5 of our favourite together for you to check out this year.

Nick Carvell

#fbf to the last time I was in #Milan for the shows, this time last year. Bring on #MFW A/W '15!

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The Online Fashion Editor of GQ is always someone who is likely to be giving valuable fashion advice and this is certainly true of Nick. If you want to keep up to date with the latest trends in men’s designs, new labels and gain some great advice about both modern and classic styling, his Instagram is definitely one of the best places to check out. Filled with beautiful photography and modern concepts, he is constantly on the frontline of men’s fashion and an authority in all things stylish. View Post

As many of our regular followers know, we love men’s style bloggers and vloggers. Not only do they offer great advice and inspiration but they’re also receptive to your questions and happy to provide advice over social media. Vlogs are a great way of getting a lot of visual outfit and grooming insight in a short amount of time. Pioneers of style and masters of their platform, men’s style vloggers are well worth checking out for tips and advice. We’ve put together 3 more of our favourite vloggers for you to check out, watch and subscribe to, covering men’s fashion, lifestyle and grooming.

Robin James – Fashion, Style & Grooming

British vlogger and all-round style guru, Robin is a fantastic example of someone offering down-to-earth advice to all of his viewers. His specialty lies in grooming tips and product reviews with honest opinions on product performance as well as best practice tips for getting the most from your choices. On top of this he is also a great entertainer and genuinely keen to educate his viewers wherever possible.

Whether he’s discussing his favourite hair products or how to make your own nutrifying hair mask he is a source of valuable information and tips. Make sure to check out his channel and subscribe for more advice. View Post

We love our men’s style bloggers at The Male Stylist, different opinions, styles, fashions and authors offer inspiration to us as well as their numerous followers and readers. As a way of thanking them, we want to share a little blogger love with them and show you guys where you can get some of the best advice on men’s style on the internet.

The Staple

Screenshot (31)

Brainchild of Seb Law and platform for men’s style, fashion and grooming advice, this is a great read and full of educational articles that question various factors of menswear. His discussion on what menswear can learn from womenswear questions the boundaries between menswear and womenswear and how fashion is becoming more exposed to consumers globally thanks to social media and other online platforms. View Post

As the blog founder and editor, I spend most of my time editing and working on content that is hosted on this site. As readers of the blog you’ve probably read a fair few of these posts, however what you may not know is that I have also written articles and been interviewed on other sites. I wanted to post a few more of these on here to give you an opportunity to read them and see a few other talented members of the blogging community in action.

Blogger Showcase: Adam Walker of The Male Stylist – Mallzee

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Mallzee, a popular shopping app based in Edinburgh has been doing blogger showcases to show off different styles in both male and female fashion. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to the blog to discuss my own personal style and the inspiration behind the outfits on the blog. View Post