Watch Style: The Essential Affordables

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February already and hopefully you now over the post-Christmas blues, or reds – if your enjoyment and spending over the festive season got just a little out of control! Here at The Male Stylist we debated whether there was more empathy in bringing you some gorgeous classic (read expensive) 2017 watch style choices or to be a little more wallet friendly. The latter won out, but this is The Male Stylist after all, so our choices, whilst undoubtedly subdued in price, remain suitably high on the style agenda. View Post

Watch Style: Exploring Christmas

Watch Style: Exploring Christmas

The Man About Time has a great deal of experience of travelling to a variety of countries around the world. From the deserts of luxury in Dubai to the snowy peaks of Switzerland, he has done his fair share of exploring. Today, however, he focuses on watches that are suited to the type of man keen for adventure, talking us through a few of his favourites and their amazing history…

It is hard to believe that it can be Christmas again already. As the line in Game of Thrones goes; ‘Winter is coming.’ Actually, throughout the UK there has already been rather more of a chill about than for the last few years and, no doubt, our friendly bookmakers are already reducing the odds on a White Christmas. Which prompts the thought that although for many of us a harsh winter is a real inconvenience there are  people who actively seek out the very depths of winter? Not our friends and colleagues who head for fun on the ski slopes but the hardy souls who find ever more inventive ways to reach or cross some the great white deserts, or reach the highest mountains of  the planet. Explorers; finding wild places and seeking adventure, even in an age of GPS and air travel. Sometimes today, just as in the past their lives quite literally depend on their timepieces and the necessity for rugged, highly legible watches designed to be used by explorers in the most testing conditions has driven some manufacturers to develop watches which are serious about keeping you alive; Explorer watches. So whether you are a real adventurer simply someone who wants a ‘no nonsense’ chronometer which fits your style, then then take a look at our choices  of some offerings which carry more than a hint of adventurous style. View Post

Watch Style: Drive Time

Watch Style: Drive Time

The in-house watch style enthusiast, The Man About Time, has another great passion in his life. Namely, his love of classic cars and sports cars, with Aston Martin and Porsche making up some of his favourite manufacturers. This week he combines both of these loves to discuss some timeless watches for when you’re at the wheel.

With ‘summer’ (floods are now a feature) established and the motor sport season well under way, here at TMS we thought it timely (pun entirely intended) to take a look at some watches which were designed with car enthusiasts in mind. As usual we will stick to highlighting a few which complement the style of those who appreciate the sculpted curves or brutal power of fine automobiles. The challenge is to find a watch which subtly conveys your enthusiasm whilst still providing an air of style and quality, and then to buy it at the right price. In previous articles we have mentioned the Omega Speedmaster which, although best known for its extra- planetary associations, has an honourable motoring tradition. TAG also have an obvious strong connection with cars and we have already reviewed the Monaco and its link to Steve McQueen, who was driving a Porsche 917 in the film Le Mans, which brought us neatly to our review of Christopher Ward’s stunning limited edition GT40 Power Reserve. I don’t know if any of you bought one after the reading the article but all 40 were sold very rapidly indeed. View Post

Watch Style: Pieces of History


This week The Man About Time takes a step into history, looking at watches designed around specific eras and historic icons from decades gone by. Finding inspiration from cars, planes and even natural catastrophes, they are a snapshot of time captured in a single piece of mechanical beauty.

We have talked a lot in this column about the importance of choosing watches to which you feel a personal attachment and which complement your sense of your own style, but what if your style includes a sense of heritage? Obviously anybody who really likes watches, particularly mechanical watches, in the digital 21st century is not entirely devoid of a connection to the past. Some manufacturers have capitalised on that by producing heritage timepieces which are reminders of past ‘golden’ days of the railways, motor racing or aviation for example, but others have gone a stage further and incorporated pieces of the past into their watches. View Post

Watch Style: Wishing Everyone a ‘Happy New Year’

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Having had a somewhat stressful end to 2015, The Man About Time has been making plans for the new year with friends and family across the world. From holidays to business or even just keeping in contact, he is a man who enjoys keeping his eye on the time, both local and international. Today he discusses three watches that will keep you on time in every time zone.

So, the Christmas season is over and, as the decorations are boxed away and routines return, we look towards 2016 with excited anticipation of what the new year will bring. Here at The Male Stylist we discovered that this year will bring us some interesting challenges. With friends and relatives scattered all over the world the question of what time is it across various regions of the world assumes a new significance. Time plays a key role in planning and communication, so how do you keep yourself in the present when it occurs at different hours of the day? View Post