Dream your New Year Watches

By the time you read this it will be 2015 and after what was, hopefully, a wonderful Christmas followed by a seriously enjoyable New Year’s Eve, you are probably all back at work and contemplating how you are going to bring your 2015 resolutions to fruition. Here at The Male Stylist we are also conscious that, as the seasonal afterglow fades and (unfortunately) the credit card bills arrive, a little horological pick me up might not be misplaced. So how about joining us in taking a moment to gaze into the January firelight, or computer screen, and indulging in a little daydreaming about wrist candy that we cannot quite yet afford, not even in pre – loved form.

Top of our list is a Patek Philippe and Watchfinder (http://www.watchfinder.co.uk) have, as usual, a selection of superb examples including this elegant 5130G day, date and moon phase complication. Quite simply stunning, with a 39mm white gold case which has an exhibition back exposing one of the most beautiful movements made today, it really does complete any gentleman’s outfit. Do take a look at the detailing on the deployment clasp; it is just a hint at the quality of craftsmanship inside that goes into making this an especially stylish timepiece.


It’s a 2014 model with almost two years warranty remaining and was £34,700 new, but at even at a bargain £26,750, sadly, we won’t be lifting it off the shelf today (or anytime soon)! View Post

Watch Style: Classically Chic Timepieces for Christmas

The nights have really started to draw in and it is about now that thoughts turn to the season of goodwill and, not entirely unnaturally, to Christmas presents. In the midst of trying to find the perfect presents for all of your friends and relatives; spare a thought for them because they are probably finding it just as challenging as you. So what happens if you have some well- heeled friends, relatives, or even have enough left over to treat yourself? We decided to take a look at some watches which just might make it on to your wish list. Here at The Male Stylist we believe that Christmas style should be more Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin than Rambo, hence our choices reflect the slim, understated appearance that really makes its own gentleman’s statement.

Tissot Visodate

Tissot’s entry level automatic watch gently eased itself into our affections because at £395 to £430 from high street outlets (or little less on the net) it represents real value for money and has touches of genuine elegance. Dagger hour and minute hands and a long second hand make for clear reading and the period ‘Tissot’ lettering on the face and on the clasp create a modern take on classic features. It is available in steel or ‘gold’ finish and with a black or white face and can be fitted with black or brown leather straps or a steel bracelet. At 40mm diameter some might argue that it is a little big for a truly ‘smooth watch’ but it reflects the current trend for larger watches and actually wears neatly on the wrist.  Oh and a finishing touch is that, even in our 24/7 culture, Sunday remains, literally, a red letter day on the Visodate. View Post

Watch Style: 4 Watches for The Autumn/Winter Season

As the great British summer becomes a distant memory and a gentleman’s thoughts naturally turn to autumn style, we thought we would take a look at 4 watches that fit a season where pullovers and jackets are more the norm than shirtsleeves. Happily, for those of you who are also able to dress ‘business casual’ these watches will really complement that style, particularly if you can run to a couple of straps (black and brown) for your chosen timepiece.

1) Christopher Ward – Malvern Automatic Mk. 2


Here at The Male Stylist we can’t get away from the combination of style, value for money and customer care that British company Christopher Ward delivers. Their Malvern Mk2, which is an update of the first watch that they produced (and is quietly becoming a classic in its own right)  is our first season’s choice. As usual, our choice the automatic version and it is available with both black and white faces and a variety of straps and bracelets. From £399 it will deliver a gentleman’s Autumn style for many years to come at a sensible price. View Post

3 Tips for Getting The Right Watch at the Right Price

After our last article on pilot inspired watches, we got a lot of feedback telling us that, whilst you liked the article, some of the prices of the watches were a little steep, particularly with summer holidays looming. Here at the Male Stylist we believe that mechanical (automatic or hand wound) rather than quartz movements are likely to provide a more stylish look and feel, but they are almost invariably more expensive. So what do you do if you want a nice mechanical watch but don’t have unlimited funds? Simple, you show your style and buy smart, here are our tips to getting the style for less:


Almost all high street dealers (even the big chains) can and will give at least 10% and often more, so lose that gentleman’s reserve and ask. Do remember to check for best prices on line and start your request there. Don’t ever forget Goldsmith’s Tesco voucher scheme, at three times (or sometimes even four) your Tesco points value it can be a handy way to a substantial discount. View Post

Watch Style: 5 High-Flying Timepieces for Summer

We at The Male Stylist have spent a fair few of our style posts discussing tailoring, footwear and accessorizing outfits. However, an element we haven’t placed a great deal of focus on, but is key to the styling of most outfits, is the selection of an appropriate watch to compliment it. With the jet-setting season approaching and more gentlemen looking for a quality, stylish wristwatch; we’ve put together some of our favourites that will satisfy the first class traveller as well as the adrenaline-fuelled fighter pilot in you.

5) Christopher Ward C10 Aviator – £425.00

Christopher Ward C10 Aviator - Men's Watch Style

With its design firmly rooted in the origins of aviation, the CW10 is a classically designed and beautifully made timepiece. Using military elements in its styling the watch delivers a clean yet elegant style that is rarely found within this budget range. Christopher Ward are becoming an authority in quality watches at affordable prices and this is a fantastic example of their outstanding work. Somewhat appropriately there is a latin inscription on the back reading: “mea anima est in caelum” which translates to “my soul is in the sky”, certainly worthy of any gentleman who enjoys leaving terra firma.

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