5 Top Summer Fragrances For 2015

IMG_1007Smelling good in the Summer months is all about the style of your outfit and the situation you’re planning on wearing it in. Men often tend to stick to one fragrance for all occasions and can soon become bored of it. Don’t forget, your scent is for the benefit of your confidence as well as the people around you. I’ve compiled 5 fragrances for men, a mixture of old favourites and new stars, that fit different situations and styles, meaning your style and your scent are always matched to your Summer activities. View Post

3 Tips For Men On Wearing Cologne

One of the most important parts of any man’s outfit is the cologne he wears with it. Your fragrance can be an indication of character, a subtle sharpening of your style or an elegant touch of class to finish your choice of attire. A vital accessory without a doubt, but one that requires a delicate balance in the way you apply it and wear it, something that men can often find tricky to master. So we’ve put together three tips for wearing cologne that will help you feel fresh, sharp and smell great every time you use it.

1) Use The Right Cologne For The Right Situation


Different situations require the appropriate fragrance, there is very rarely one that suits any event regardless of context or style. Choosing the right scent comes down to understanding your style and what circumstance you’ll be wearing it in. A sunny afternoon with friends and drinks is suited to a light, citrus fragrance with fresh undertones, this type of fragrance also works well with outfits incorporating white or light pastel colours. Summer is the perfect time to be using fragrances like these as it helps you feel clean and cool even when the summer heat gets to you. View Post

Our Top 5 Summer Fragrances for Men 2014

Summer fragrances are something of an art for men with the situation, the crowd, the heat and your style all affecting your choice. We at The Male Stylist have put together our top 5 Summer fragrances for men, why we love them and when to wear them.

5) Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male (£39.50)

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

A classic choice for any man in summer, this is a refreshing and powerful scent that exudes classic masculinity. Using a combination of Mint and Lavender notes, with subtle hints of Vanilla, the scent is clean and fresh when first applied, before mellowing into a sweeter essence.

Why We Love It: It’s a delicate yet masculine fragrance that is both timeless and elegant.

When You Should Wear It: This is an extremely versatile fragrance but we think it best suits a morning/day in the sun and outfits that incorporate lighter colours (particularly whites and blues).

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