Watch Style: 4 Watches for The Autumn/Winter Season

As the great British summer becomes a distant memory and a gentleman’s thoughts naturally turn to autumn style, we thought we would take a look at 4 watches that fit a season where pullovers and jackets are more the norm than shirtsleeves. Happily, for those of you who are also able to dress ‘business casual’ these watches will really complement that style, particularly if you can run to a couple of straps (black and brown) for your chosen timepiece.

1) Christopher Ward – Malvern Automatic Mk. 2


Here at The Male Stylist we can’t get away from the combination of style, value for money and customer care that British company Christopher Ward delivers. Their Malvern Mk2, which is an update of the first watch that they produced (and is quietly becoming a classic in its own right)  is our first season’s choice. As usual, our choice the automatic version and it is available with both black and white faces and a variety of straps and bracelets. From £399 it will deliver a gentleman’s Autumn style for many years to come at a sensible price. View Post

Our Top 5 Boot Collections for AW14

It’s Autumn, and the season of espadrilles and flip flops has come to an end. As the streets start to fill with puddles, frost creeps into our mornings and the cold of winter takes hold, it’s time to change your footwear to deal with these changes. Boots are a great way to combat the winter elements and look stylish, plus the variety of designs and styles makes them appropriate for any gent’s personal taste. We’ve put together 5 collections we think look fantastic

Kurt Geiger

download (10)

It’s difficult to talk about designer footwear without talking about Kurt Geiger, the London designer has become synonymous with stunning shoes and beautiful boots. It appears this season is no exception to this rule with yet another great collection produced for the stylish man. It’s difficult not admire the variety of designs and looks that are all great quality. We’ve put a few of our favourites above but check out the full range. View Post

4 Autumn/Winter Style Essentials For Gentlemen

The first day of Autumn arrived this week and slight chill in the air is a sign of the colder seasons ahead. However, rather than letting the rain and ice dampen their style or freeze their fashion sense, you can incorporate a few necessities into your wardrobe that will make facing the elements easier whilst keeping you sharp. We’ve put together 4 must-have items that we think make Winter a comfortable and stylish season, even when the weather turns against you.



We’re not talking about those tiny plastic ones that struggle against a light breeze, or the huge golf umbrellas that are covered in unsightly advertising, we’re referring to a gentleman’s umbrella. A good gentleman’s umbrella looks just as sharp under a heavy shower as it does in your hand as you walk to work on a crisp winter morning. The three factors we recommend looking for in a good umbrella are:

  • A wooden handle – personally we like a hooked handle but make sure it’s not plastic.
  • Good quality material – make sure it’ll stand up to a bit of wear-and-tear.
  • Check the ribs – they should be sturdy and flexible. Too rigid and they may snap, too weak and they could bend.

They aren’t even particularly expensive and, if treated well, should last a while. Check out Charles Tyrwhitt and their affordable collection. View Post