4 Autumn/Winter Style Essentials For Gentlemen

The first day of Autumn arrived this week and slight chill in the air is a sign of the colder seasons ahead. However, rather than letting the rain and ice dampen their style or freeze their fashion sense, you can incorporate a few necessities into your wardrobe that will make facing the elements easier whilst keeping you sharp. We’ve put together 4 must-have items that we think make Winter a comfortable and stylish season, even when the weather turns against you.



We’re not talking about those tiny plastic ones that struggle against a light breeze, or the huge golf umbrellas that are covered in unsightly advertising, we’re referring to a gentleman’s umbrella. A good gentleman’s umbrella looks just as sharp under a heavy shower as it does in your hand as you walk to work on a crisp winter morning. The three factors we recommend looking for in a good umbrella are:

  • A wooden handle – personally we like a hooked handle but make sure it’s not plastic.
  • Good quality material – make sure it’ll stand up to a bit of wear-and-tear.
  • Check the ribs – they should be sturdy and flexible. Too rigid and they may snap, too weak and they could bend.

They aren’t even particularly expensive and, if treated well, should last a while. Check out Charles Tyrwhitt and their affordable collection. View Post

5 Men’s Coats We Love for AW14

For some of you this article may appear premature with the sun still shining, the days remaining comfortably warm and the idea of winter feeling so far away as to not be worth considering right now. However, since we’re aware of how quickly the seasons can change from sunny and bright to grey and cold in one night, we’ve decided to prepare. We’re running through some of the finest examples of outerwear available for AW14; covering a variety of brands, styles and budgets. So when you first feel the cold start to bite at your skin, you’re ready to throw one of these on and brave the elements in style.

5) Oliver Spencer – Mac Hopton Navy – £419

download (12)

We featured Oliver Spencer in our article about the menswear brands to watch in AW14 so it only made sense for us to mention of the standout products in their fantastic outerwear range. Inspired by Freud and reminiscent of styles incorporated in films like Eastern Promises this is a classically elegant mac that is as timeless as it is beautiful. We’ve mentioned belted coats as one of the main themes for this year’s Autumn/Winter season and this only proves our point.

Capable of braving the wettest and windiest of winter days, this will protect you against the cold and keep you looking sharp. View Post