3 Tips for Getting The Right Watch at the Right Price

After our last article on pilot inspired watches, we got a lot of feedback telling us that, whilst you liked the article, some of the prices of the watches were a little steep, particularly with summer holidays looming. Here at the Male Stylist we believe that mechanical (automatic or hand wound) rather than quartz movements are likely to provide a┬ámore stylish look and feel, but they are almost invariably more expensive. So what do you do if you want a nice mechanical watch but don’t have unlimited funds? Simple, you show your style and buy smart, here are our tips to getting the style for less:


Almost all high street dealers (even the big chains) can and will give at least 10% and often more, so lose that gentleman’s reserve and ask. Do remember to check for best prices on line and start your request there. Don’t ever forget Goldsmith’s Tesco voucher scheme, at three times (or sometimes even four) your Tesco points value it can be a handy way to a substantial discount. View Post