Why You Should Be A Good Guy Instead Of A Nice Guy

Good Guys vs Nice Guys

“Nice guys finish last” is a common trope heard from men complaining that many people they desire go for “bad boys” or men who don’t treat their partners properly. However, one of the main issues with this attitude is the suggestion that a man is only being a “nice guy” for his own gain – usually romantic. What this phrase is actually trying to do is to encourage empathy for men who attempt to be nice for personal gain, whilst condemning the recipient of this “nice” behaviour for not appreciating it. Today I want to talk about why you shouldn’t be a nice guy, should instead aspire to be a good guy and why ensuring there is a clear distinction between each of these is important. View Post

Tips for Men On Dating from 3 Female Bloggers (Part 1)

Dating for men is never as simple as we think it should be, there can be a lot of anxiety, buildup and preparation that often comes with a first date. At The Male Stylist, we decided to reach out to some top female bloggers in fashion, beauty and dating to get their tips and advice on dating etiquette and the areas where men often tend to make mistake. In our first part we feature professional fashion stylist and blogger Donna Knott, fashion and lifestyle blogger Alex Montemor and award-winning dating blogger Charly Lester. All three were kind enough to offer some great advice to the men of the world and teach us a few things about dating in style.

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