Our Top 5 Gentleman Style Icons

A list of the best dressed gentlemen in the celebrity world and what we love about their style. Make sure to pick up some tips and advice from them for yourself!

No. 5: Ryan Reynolds

Renowned as one of the nicest men in Hollywood, Ryan Reynolds originally found fame in the sitcom “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place”. After being picked up as a comic talent he starred in a variety of teen movies, rom-coms and action movies performing alongside movie heavyweights like Hugh Jackman, Sandra Bullock and Blake Lively. He became a style icon after Hugo Boss signed him on as their new brand representative. From then on his “suited and booted” style has regularly been cited as one of the sharpest looks around and an inspiration for male styling everywhere. View Post

Why Choose Italian Summer Style?

The world outside is warmer, the sun is getting higher and there is a definite feeling that Summer is on its way. As the warm season approaches men begin to think about how their work and personal wardrobe will reflect these changes. For the UK and the US most men put up with shorts, t-shirt and sandals to get them through the winter months, with variations on the simple shirt and suit trouser combo to get them through the work-week. But for Italian fashion the Summer months represent a time where men can fully express the suave and elegant nature of their style. Fine tailoring, pastel colours and fine leather footwear characterise an entire style that is fit for a gentleman in the sun.

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