What A Gent’s Wearing: Wedding Attire ft. Hardy Amies [AD]

The spring/summer months hail the beginning of wedding season and thus the opportunity to up your style game from every-day suit to a look that highlights the importance of the day, and encapsulates your personal style and character. Hardy Amies were kind enough to invite me to go in and style a new outfit which would work at any wedding. I achieved this by using classic themes with modern tailoring styles to create a sharp outfit any man can pull off.

Location: Queen’s House, Greenwich

Photography: Anton Welcome

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What A Gent’s Wearing: Tailoring With A Twist


Tailoring can sometimes be over-simplified by men, relying on the same colour schemes and item combinations to create very similar looks without exploring different style ideas. This week’s outfit was an experiment based on breaking this pattern, working with different tailoring elements, fabrics and colours to help create a look that is a statement of style and men’s fashion.  View Post

What A Gent’s Wearing…To A Wedding

For those of you who didn’t see, a few weeks back our Twitter account notified people that I was away at my older brother’s (Matthew) and his wife’s (Orielle) wedding in the Lake District. As a way of commemorating this great day and rounding off this season of “What A Gent’s Wearing” I wanted to do a post celebrating the day itself as well as reviewing the outfits the gentlemen were wearing.


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What A Gent’s Wearing: The Summer Shirt & Chinos


This outfit has been put together following several requests about what men should wear with beige chinos? We’ve done several iterations of outfits that have included beige or pale coloured chinos and trousers, but this is definitely our go-to outfit that suits the majority of summer occasions.  View Post

What A Gent’s Wearing: Casual Italian Style


This week’s outfit is inspired by the recent re-invention of casual Italian styling in men’s fashion, something we’ve been writing and tweeting about a great deal in recent weeks. As well as being very comfortable it also works really well in very hot temperatures, ensuring you stay cool and relaxed in the summer heat. View Post