What A Gent’s Wearing: Summer/Autumn Casual Styling

Men's Style: Summer/Autumn Casual Styling

The transition between Autumn and Summer is always tricky to navigate when it comes to outfits. Cold, crisp mornings give way to warm afternoons in the sun before cooling again into chilly evenings, so putting together a style that suits these elements can be difficult to pull off. What you need is something that is light enough to be comfortable to wear when things get warmer but not so thin that you’ll feel the cold when a strong wind picks up. So, I put together this outfit as a way of crossing two seasons with one look…

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What A Gent’s Wearing: Autumn Tailoring in Wool ft. Jack Wills (sponsored)

Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring

With the recent cold snap that has descended on the UK, I decided to put together a tailored outfit designed for all your seasonally-transitional needs. To help me with this, Jack Wills decided to offer me one of their new Bloomsbury suits to use in my outfit. So with the mercury slowly falling and the sun getting lower, I hit the streets of London to see how my new look stood up against the UK’s somewhat temperamental weather

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What A Gent’s Wearing: The Knitwear-Tailoring Combination


One of my style resolutions for this year is to actively start including more knitwear into my tailoring looks. This is a concept that has been around for a while now but one that I’ve been keen to use in my outfits as it allows for a great deal of versatility when it comes to the way tailoring looks and feels. Over the weekend I went into Central London to do some suit shopping and decided to try out a new look as I wandered around the city, by combining casual tailoring elements and a new jumper. The idea being to create a smart look that was warm and didn’t require the addition of a coat to keep me warm. View Post

What A Gent’s Wearing: The Windy Winter Day Wardrobe


With the cold of Winter now taking hold and the days becoming shorter, I figured I would spend some time wandering around North London and get to see some of the natural beauty in its parks. It so happened that on the day I was doing this, the wind decided to make itself known and I spent a quiet Sunday afternoon being blown around Finsbury Park as I watched the world roll by. Fortunately, I was prepared for such an event with a warm outfit that utilized rich colours and outdoors-y themes to create a look that was stylish as well as being a good defence against the cold gusts of November. View Post

What A Gent’s Wearing: The Plus Minus Photo Shoot

Adam Walker The Male Stylist 4

A few weeks back a blogger friend of mine, Jodie Dewberry from A La Jode, invited me to be part of a male fashion photoshoot alongside some other male bloggers for her new website Plus Minus Magazine. I was more than happy to be a part of such an exciting project and was keen to show off a smart/casual look which combined Mediterranean elements with gentleman’s style. The idea being to create a look that felt casual to wear and move around in, but looked smart and utilized contemporary design concepts.

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