What A Gent’s Wearing: Tailoring With A Twist


Tailoring can sometimes be over-simplified by men, relying on the same colour schemes and item combinations to create very similar looks without exploring different style ideas. This week’s outfit was an experiment based on breaking this pattern, working with different tailoring elements, fabrics and colours to help create a look that is a statement of style and men’s fashion.  View Post

What A Gent’s Wearing: Relaxed Summer Styling


Unlike last week’s outfit, which was all about the statement, this week is more about relaxed styling that offers a more subtle look. The main focus of the ensemble is contrast between the fitted beige chinos and the dark v-neck jumper, this not only trims the lower torso but also broadens the shoulders and chest. The v-neck cut helps sharpen the outfit with the aid of the smart black shoes, however this can just as easily be paired with navy espadrilles or brown boat shoes provided you use a brown belt instead of black. This look is perfect for dinner out with friends or a warm summer evening walk through town, yet it is an incredibly simply put together piece and very comfortable to wear. View Post