Review: Aveda Grooming Collection


A few weeks back I stopped by Aveda’s Soho Barber salon and reviewed the service which you can read here. Whilst I was there I really enjoyed the products being used during the treatments, so much so that I had to get my hand’s on some of the collection to find out what they are like to use on a day-to-day basis. After some research, I got a selection of products gifted from Aveda covering haircare, scalp maintenance and hair grooming to see how Aveda’s offering for men stands up against other brands across the industry. View Post

Speedy Grooming: Aveda’s Barber Salon Pop-Up

The Male Stylist: Aveda Grooming Salon

Many of the barbers I’ve reviewed and tried have been about indulging in the treatment, taking time to appreciate the luxury of the service and ultimately being rewarded with a full grooming experience designed to relax the mind as well as sharpen up your hairstyle. However, in this world of eating lunch at your desk, rushed coffee meetings and multiple social events all planned within the same 2 hour time period, it’s not always possible to spend an 60-90 minutes in the barber if you want to fit it all in.

Fortunately, Aveda have created a quirky solution to this problem by launching a temporary pop-up store in Soho, providing express men’s grooming treatments at fair prices. A few weeks back I was in need of a haircut during lunch so stopped by for one of their “express treatments” to get a feel for the salon and find out whether this is speed over service… View Post

Review : The Murdock Facial Care Regime


A good skincare regime is about using good quality products, a mixture of exfoliation and cleaning as well as keeping your skin hydrated. No matter your skin-type, finding a regime with this basic structure is vital to ensure your skin stays healthy and as clear as possible so finding the right products (usually the first step) is an important factor. Murdock, a brand familiar to any fan of The Male Stylist, has thrown their contribution into the fray with their Face Regime pack which possesses “the ability to transform the average man into a nurtured, refreshed and revitalised gent.”

Curious about whether the products could stand up to these lofty claims, I was gifted a set by Murdock and put it to the test over the past 3 weeks whilst facing a variety of weather including, bitterly cold winds, rain, frost and balmy spring climates. Today, I’ve put together a review of how its performed based on my usual criteria of Quality, Fragrance, Packaging, Pricing and overall impressions. So, is Murdock an essential for a gentleman who is passionate about his grooming? Or is it another mediocre offering to add to the pile? View Post

Review: The Wet Shave Club Box


The wet shave can be a key mark to a gentleman’s style, a clear line between the dishevelled man and a sharply styled, refined gent. The combination of shaving cream, badger-hair bristles and a sharp razor blade can define a man’s look and provide a debonair flavour to the overall feel of your style. Learning and maintaining how to perform a well executed wet shave requires the correct tools for the job. Thanks to the plethora of grooming options available to men, this isn’t always the easiest choice and can be a a steep learning curve for many.

Thankfully, the Wet Shave Club seems to have pre-empted this problem with a solution of their own.  A monthly subscription to their shave box offers a different collection of products and grooming tools allows a gentleman to learn the secrets of the wet shave whilst finding the products that work best for him. We were gifted one of these boxes and reviewed it using our usual criteria, you can find our thoughts below. View Post