The Barber: Stylist, Grooming Expert & Therapist?

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A few weeks back, I was invited by Drakes of London to go in for a haircut and to sample their services. Traditionally, I tend to review these places based on the decor, atmosphere, service and pricing as well as extras like staff friendliness and grooming ranges. However, during this appointment I had an experience that I had never come across before, one that forced me to reflect on my own achievements, insecurities and future plans. It wasn’t so much a haircut with a smile, as a haircut with a friend and it got me thinking about how often men can turn to barbers to vent their emotions and frustrations… View Post

My 3 Step Routine for Even Skin Tone

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Maintaining an even skin tone is difficult for many men and can be a constant source of frustration as well as loss of confidence when it comes to their own body image. Indeed, there is very little that can do more to damage your confidence in how your skin looks than blotches, red patches or darker areas of sun spots. So, today I wanted to run through the three steps, and the products used with them, that help me keep an even skin tone all year round that will also help protect your skin against harmful environmental effects as well as keep it healthy and young. View Post

A Gentleman’s Shaving Routine


The gentleman’s shave is an important part of a man’s weekly routine, keeping him sharp and clean cut at work or out and about. However, many men can simply see this as a basic routine which, as a result, can cause various skin issues such as razor burn, dry skin, ingrown hairs and nicks. We’ve put together a fairly simple routine that covers all the basics and should make every shave a pleasurable experience and leave you with clear, healthy skin every time.

For this routine you will need:

  • A shaving razor
  • Shaving cream
  • A shaving brush
  • Shave oil
  • After-shave lotion

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Changing Up Our Male Grooming Routine

Every now and then we enjoy revamping our grooming routine by changing up products, looking into new skincare ranges or simply trying something that catches our eye. Throughout January we made a conscious effort to change up our routines in preparation for the year ahead, focusing on trying out more tailored products that are suited for men’s requirements as well as getting our hands on some brand new grooming kit. Below are three new grooming products we’ve tried and loved, that are now included in our daily grooming routines.

Ruffians Daily Facial Scrub


We’re big fans of Ruffians Barbers and have regularly invested in their products and services. Their skincare range is formulated using natural ingredients and simple fragrances to deliver a high quality experience that feels great and the daily facial scrub is no exception. The scrub itself starts as a light cream that easily lathers when mixed with a litter warm water, when applied to the skin the gentle scrubbing beads delicately remove dirt and dead skin. This leaves your skin feeling clean and clear without feeling dry or over-scrubbed.

As a day-to-day product it’s a great way to ensure you feel fresh and clean every day and perfect for almost all skin types. At just under £10 it’s a bargain too so make sure to invest in Ruffians quality. View Post

3 Tips For Men On Wearing Cologne

One of the most important parts of any man’s outfit is the cologne he wears with it. Your fragrance can be an indication of character, a subtle sharpening of your style or an elegant touch of class to finish your choice of attire. A vital accessory without a doubt, but one that requires a delicate balance in the way you apply it and wear it, something that men can often find tricky to master. So we’ve put together three tips for wearing cologne that will help you feel fresh, sharp and smell great every time you use it.

1) Use The Right Cologne For The Right Situation


Different situations require the appropriate fragrance, there is very rarely one that suits any event regardless of context or style. Choosing the right scent comes down to understanding your style and what circumstance you’ll be wearing it in. A sunny afternoon with friends and drinks is suited to a light, citrus fragrance with fresh undertones, this type of fragrance also works well with outfits incorporating white or light pastel colours. Summer is the perfect time to be using fragrances like these as it helps you feel clean and cool even when the summer heat gets to you. View Post