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So to celebrate us reaching 10,000 visitors in under 3 months, we wanted to give something back to you guys as a way of saying thanks for sticking with us. View Post

A Gentleman’s Daily Skincare Routine

Men's Grooming & Skincare

Since we’ve done a variety of skincare tips, hacks and product reviews over the past few months we decided to walk you through a daily skincare routine that we feel covers most of the factors we’ve discussed. We’ll also throw in some notes on practices we don’t do daily but are part of our weekly process and are important for a healthy skincare regime. So we’ll start from the beginning just after the alarm goes off… View Post

3 Gentleman Style YouTubers We Love

In the past we’ve covered some of our favourite style bloggers and discussed what makes them great, but there are also gentlemen out there who put their opinions on camera for the world to see and become personalities on YouTube. We’ve chosen three of our favourites who cover a variety of topics including fashion, style tips, grooming advice and product guides, who we think you should check out.

3) Jair Woo

Since April 2012 Jair Woo has been producing great quality videos on everything to do with men’s style, from his discussions around men’s hairstyling through to his inspirational videos about weight loss and personality, he is an example of gentleman vlogging at its best. With new uploads every week and his own blog, you’ll find loads of high-quality information and a friendly attitude in all of his work


Favourite Video: Justin Timberlake Hairstyle Tutorial View Post

3 Ways To Stop Excessive Sweating

It’s summer and as the temperature increases so does perspiration, although not the most pleasant of topics it’s a consequence one that can be advised on and helped. Excessive sweating is a common issue for men (including some of us here) and one that can cause a great deal of discomfort as well as destroy personal confidence. Whether you’re commuting, in the office, on a night out or on a date it can ruin your comfort, how you feel and your style; so we’ve put together three different ways to help reduce/eradicate excessive sweating and let you enjoy summer. View Post