5 Men’s Style Icons from The Silver Screen

The classic era of black-and-white movies has always been renowned as one that provided a variety of Hollywood stars who were timelessly stylish and elegant. Despite the lack of colour photography, the way they dressed and looked is considered incredibly suave, even by the standards of today. So far, our style icons have come from relatively modern backgrounds but today we’ll be covering the men who added style to the silver screen and carved their names in history as icons of men’s fashion.

5) Marlon Brando

The actor and star of “The Godfather was always renowned as a master of his art and a commander of personal style. Both on and off the screen his masculinity and charisma was infectious, with many interviewers regarding him as one of the most passionate actors who ever lived. Voted “The Greatest Actor of All Time” by AskMen and undoubtedly one of the all-time greats of Hollywood, Brando is undoubtedly a model of sophistication and smart styling.  View Post