Our Top 5 Summer Fragrances for Men 2014

Summer fragrances are something of an art for men with the situation, the crowd, the heat and your style all affecting your choice. We at The Male Stylist have put together our top 5 Summer fragrances for men, why we love them and when to wear them.

5) Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male (£39.50)

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

A classic choice for any man in summer, this is a refreshing and powerful scent that exudes classic masculinity. Using a combination of Mint and Lavender notes, with subtle hints of Vanilla, the scent is clean and fresh when first applied, before mellowing into a sweeter essence.

Why We Love It: It’s a delicate yet masculine fragrance that is both timeless and elegant.

When You Should Wear It: This is an extremely versatile fragrance but we think it best suits a morning/day in the sun and outfits that incorporate lighter colours (particularly whites and blues).

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Why Choose Italian Summer Style?

The world outside is warmer, the sun is getting higher and there is a definite feeling that Summer is on its way. As the warm season approaches men begin to think about how their work and personal wardrobe will reflect these changes. For the UK and the US most men put up with shorts, t-shirt and sandals to get them through the winter months, with variations on the simple shirt and suit trouser combo to get them through the work-week. But for Italian fashion the Summer months represent a time where men can fully express the suave and elegant nature of their style. Fine tailoring, pastel colours and fine leather footwear characterise an entire style that is fit for a gentleman in the sun.

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