Watch Style: 5 High-Flying Timepieces for Summer

We at The Male Stylist have spent a fair few of our style posts discussing tailoring, footwear and accessorizing outfits. However, an element we haven’t placed a great deal of focus on, but is key to the styling of most outfits, is the selection of an appropriate watch to compliment it. With the jet-setting season approaching and more gentlemen looking for a quality, stylish wristwatch; we’ve put together some of our favourites that will satisfy the first class traveller as well as the adrenaline-fuelled fighter pilot in you.

5) Christopher Ward C10 Aviator – £425.00

Christopher Ward C10 Aviator - Men's Watch Style

With its design firmly rooted in the origins of aviation, the CW10 is a classically designed and beautifully made timepiece. Using military elements in its styling the watch delivers a clean yet elegant style that is rarely found within this budget range. Christopher Ward are becoming an authority in quality watches at affordable prices and this is a fantastic example of their outstanding work. Somewhat appropriately there is a latin inscription on the back reading: “mea anima est in caelum” which translates to “my soul is in the sky”, certainly worthy of any gentleman who enjoys leaving terra firma.

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