What a Gent is Listening to: Chet Baker

If you’re looking for some chilled music for a gentleman’s party this summer then Chet Baker is the artist for you. One of the most iconic names in music his style is the embodiment of classic jazz, exploring his pain and drug-addiction through stunningly beautiful and timeless music. View Post

The “Thursday First Date” Rule

First dates are nerve-racking, exciting events and potentially the start of a new relationship in a man’s life. The options and venues are well known and, whether you rely on a good old fashioned drink and chat at a bar or prefer something more unorthodox, you’ll likely make sure it’s a venue both of you feel comfortable with. But a detail that is commonly agreed first and overlooked in terms of its importance is the day you go out. Mostly it’s simply a detail agreed for the sake of convenience and availability but we believe that you can make your date more fun by simply arranging it for a Thursday evening and here’s why…

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