Changing Up Our Male Grooming Routine

Every now and then we enjoy revamping our grooming routine by changing up products, looking into new skincare ranges or simply trying something that catches our eye. Throughout January we made a conscious effort to change up our routines in preparation for the year ahead, focusing on trying out more tailored products that are suited for men’s requirements as well as getting our hands on some brand new grooming kit. Below are three new grooming products we’ve tried and loved, that are now included in our daily grooming routines.

Ruffians Daily Facial Scrub


We’re big fans of Ruffians Barbers and have regularly invested in their products and services. Their skincare range is formulated using natural ingredients and simple fragrances to deliver a high quality experience that feels great and the daily facial scrub is no exception. The scrub itself starts as a light cream that easily lathers when mixed with a litter warm water, when applied to the skin the gentle scrubbing beads delicately remove dirt and dead skin. This leaves your skin feeling clean and clear without feeling dry or over-scrubbed.

As a day-to-day product it’s a great way to ensure you feel fresh and clean every day and perfect for almost all skin types. At just under £10 it’s a bargain too so make sure to invest in Ruffians quality. View Post

4 Tips For Preventing Razor Burn


Over the past few months we’ve been approached on multiple occasions by people, who suffer from razor burn after they shave, asking how they can avoid or at least reduce the irritation caused by shaving. Unfortunately it’s a fairly common occurrence for men and one that be both uncomfortable and unsightly, thus hindering a man’s confidence when it does happen.

Razor burn affects different people in different ways and doesn’t necessarily affect the whole shaved area. Most commonly it’s caused by shaving too closely, shaving with too much force or using an old/dull blade, resulting in itchy red bumps or patches on the affected area. There are many post-shave balms and ointments available to treat the condition when it occurs, however we prefer to ensure it doesn’t happen in the first place. So here are 4 tips to help prevent razor burn in the future. View Post

Review: The AG Hair Range


AG Hair starts out with an interesting premise in the way that they formulate and design their product ranges. They aim to create haircare  that combines elements of fashion, styling and modern culture, forming a product that fits with modern trends yet remains timeless through its versatility. More importantly, each of the products sold by AG Hair sends a percentage of its profits to help build schools for girls in Africa.

We were intrigued by AG Hair,  and so they gifted us a variety of products from their men’s grooming collection to test and trial. We’ve put together a summary of our thoughts and a few of our favourite products based on our usual review criteria. View Post

3 Skincare Tips for Autumn/Winter

As the seasons change many of you will be thinking about changing your wardrobes to adapt to the colder temperatures and harsh elements. However, a factor that is often ignored is changing your skincare regime to better protect and repair your skin on a daily basis. Some elements involve preparing your skin before the seasonal shift in climate, whilst others involve daily advice to help keep your skin from drying out or becoming damaged. So here are 3 simple tips to help keep your skin undamaged and clear throughout the Autumn/Winter months. View Post

A Gentleman’s Night-time Skincare Regime

Around a month ago we put together a full daytime skincare regime for men that covered the most important factors to maintaining healthy skin. However, whilst the day can be a workout for your skin, the night hours are when it is given the chance to recover and repair any damage or stress it has received. We’ve put together three different routines that are specifically designed to aid this repair in a variety of situations and, in some cases, help alleviate some of the issues faced when your skin isn’t given the chance to rest and recuperate.

The Early Night – Luxury Recovery

It’s an early week night and you’ve arrived home after a long day at work or a tough workout and collapsed on the couch, exhausted you decide you’ll have a chilled night and get to bed early. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to help calm your mind and help nourish your skin, ensuring that your skin recovers more effectively, blemishes are reduced and skin feels clearer the following day.

Our Chosen Product: Aesop Chamomile Anti-Blemish Masque – £33


It is testimony to this product’s quality that we often find it out of stock on the website and in stores, it is a natural and extremely effective way of providing luxurious facial skincare overnight. We initially followed the instructions, applying it and leaving it on for 15 minutes before washing it off, the results were not bad but also not great. However, we were later told by fellow bloggers that if you left it overnight the mask was much more effective at cleansing the skin. It’s especially effective at clearing up oily skin without drying it out too much or causing irritation.

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