Our Top 4 Winter Fragrances For Men


As Christmas approaches and the Winter season gets into full swing the heat of the summer seasons is replaced by cold, crisp days and warm, comfortable evenings indoors. This change affects both the way men dress and the fragrances they wear as we replace cool and fresh scents with warm fragrances that compliment the more layered wardrobes being worn.

We’ve been reviewing a variety of fragrances over the past month to find some reliable scents that will work all year-round as well as some hidden treasures that suit this season of frosty air and dark evenings. Here are our favourites with some advice on when and where to wear them. View Post

3 Tips For Men On Wearing Cologne

One of the most important parts of any man’s outfit is the cologne he wears with it. Your fragrance can be an indication of character, a subtle sharpening of your style or an elegant touch of class to finish your choice of attire. A vital accessory without a doubt, but one that requires a delicate balance in the way you apply it and wear it, something that men can often find tricky to master. So we’ve put together three tips for wearing cologne that will help you feel fresh, sharp and smell great every time you use it.

1) Use The Right Cologne For The Right Situation


Different situations require the appropriate fragrance, there is very rarely one that suits any event regardless of context or style. Choosing the right scent comes down to understanding your style and what circumstance you’ll be wearing it in. A sunny afternoon with friends and drinks is suited to a light, citrus fragrance with fresh undertones, this type of fragrance also works well with outfits incorporating white or light pastel colours. Summer is the perfect time to be using fragrances like these as it helps you feel clean and cool even when the summer heat gets to you. View Post