Watch Style: Exploring Christmas

Watch Style: Exploring Christmas

The Man About Time has a great deal of experience of travelling to a variety of countries around the world. From the deserts of luxury in Dubai to the snowy peaks of Switzerland, he has done his fair share of exploring. Today, however, he focuses on watches that are suited to the type of man keen for adventure, talking us through a few of his favourites and their amazing history…

It is hard to believe that it can be Christmas again already. As the line in Game of Thrones goes; ‘Winter is coming.’ Actually, throughout the UK there has already been rather more of a chill about than for the last few years and, no doubt, our friendly bookmakers are already reducing the odds on a White Christmas. Which prompts the thought that although for many of us a harsh winter is a real inconvenience there are  people who actively seek out the very depths of winter? Not our friends and colleagues who head for fun on the ski slopes but the hardy souls who find ever more inventive ways to reach or cross some the great white deserts, or reach the highest mountains of  the planet. Explorers; finding wild places and seeking adventure, even in an age of GPS and air travel. Sometimes today, just as in the past their lives quite literally depend on their timepieces and the necessity for rugged, highly legible watches designed to be used by explorers in the most testing conditions has driven some manufacturers to develop watches which are serious about keeping you alive; Explorer watches. So whether you are a real adventurer simply someone who wants a ‘no nonsense’ chronometer which fits your style, then then take a look at our choices  of some offerings which carry more than a hint of adventurous style. View Post

Watch Style: Slim Simplicity


After much persuasion, I’ve managed to get The Man About Time to talk about the slim watch trend and how they can be incorporated into your styles. Here he casts his eye over some of the best offerings around, covering all budgets and fashions, giving advice and reviewing top designs.

Fashions come and fashions go, in wristwatches as much as any other wearable item, but slim, simple and elegant watches are never out of style. However they are not entirely immune to fashion and most have grown to slightly larger diameters in the last five years though, despite this expansion, they have retained the ability to slide discretely under a gentleman’s cuff. As usual you can pay stratospheric prices for the simplest mechanical pieces with Piaget’s Altiplano being one of the peaks in perfection (and price) but, for those of us on a more limited budget, there are some simply stunning quartz offerings which are well worth considering. Take a look at these five pieces which exemplify ‘Elegant Simplicity’.   View Post

What A Gent’s Wearing: The Casual Blazer for Business


This outfit is all about the simple use of a plain white shirt, tailored blazer and slim black chinos. The addition of the dark tie adds contrast which helps draw the eye up the outfit, with a tie clip to sharpen the style. By using darker colours below the waist the overall effect is that the individual looks taller and trims the overall figure. The outfit also incorporates a checked pocket square to add a dapper element to the piece. Finally, the outfit is finished with black leather chelsea boots to compliment the overall look and of the ensemble. View Post