Hacking Your Hangover: Part 2 – On The Day Itself

Men's Health & Lifestyle - Hangover

An actual photo of me when I woke up hungover after a wedding FYI

You’ve woken up after your night out and you’re feeling a bit rough. You feel dehydrated, your skin feels dry and you realise that you have to get up and look presentable for the rest of the day. Rather than panic or simply accept your temporarily more haggered look, I’ve put together 4 easy steps to help refresh your skin and put you back on the path to a refined gentleman. View Post

The Struggles of Being Creative in a Society That Shuns Them

I included this video as it is one of my favourite examples of creative thinking. Somewhere, someone decided to ignore the data and figures, choosing to create something with heart that has lasted for decades… 

I’m a firm believer in creativity and the importance it plays in society. It has helped us connect with people across oceans, create great works of art, take steps closer towards human equality (something we are still incredibly far away from) and help great individuals make a larger impact on the world. However, it is not always an accepted or highly valued skill, one that is often swept under the rug during the scrutiny of people’s achievements to help quantify their success. Today, I wanted to discuss what it means to me as well as some of the everyday challenges of creativity. View Post

5 Steps To Reduce Sweating in Summer

Men's Style & Health: 5 Steps To Reduce Sweating

There is a lot to love about summer. Longer days, beautiful weather and warm nights in beer gardens are just some of my favourite thing about the warmer seasons. However, one consequence I absolutely loathe is how uncomfortable I feel thanks to sweating in the heat, which often leads to ruined clothing and, consequently, feeling less confident in my outfit. It’s important to note that sweating is a natural part of your body’s ability to regulate its temperature, however there are ways to help reduce it and keep you feeling a little more comfortable when the temperatures rise. View Post

Why I Made Happiness My Goal Instead Of Wealth

Men's Style: Choosing Happiness over Wealth

Around 5 years ago, I moved to London to start my adult life and pursue a career. Having jumped at the first job offer to be thrown my way, I found myself in a sales role based in Canary Wharf, surrounded by some of the biggest financial corporations and wealthiest people in London. Due to my surroundings, I soon found myself setting goals based on my salary, the amount of money I had and the material possessions I owned that would show off financial status. Every decision, both professional and personal, was based around making myself more affluent to satisfy this “ideal lifestyle” I had pictured in my mind’s eye.

3 years later I found myself consumed by misery, specifically when it came to money, desperate to achieve more but disappointed in what I thought to be my own perceived lack of ambition. It was at this point that I started talking to someone about how I felt, what was driving my unhappiness and what I could do to improve my day-to-day mental attitude. Looking back, it was pretty clear that my fixation on money was dragging me down… View Post

Discussing Male Body Image Issues & My Own Insecurities

I have always said that over recent years we have been seeing more of the pressures felt by women for decades, concerning body image, style and appearance, now being felt by men. Although in many ways this has sparked a revolution within men’s style, as many fashion-conscious men have risen to become top authorities within the industry, this has also resulted in a new wave of body image issues and insecurities in men across the world.

Before I continue, I should state that these same insecurities have plagued women and still do to this day. Furthermore, I in no way support the tendencies of brands to promote unhealthy ideals of beauty whilst actively shaming those who do not fit these same trends in either female or male society. This is something that affects all people at one time or another in their lives and can lead to both physical and mental health issues in the long run such as depression, body dysmorphic disorder, anorexia and even suicide. So today I wanted to step forward and put my own insecurities out into the world, not only to prove to you that they exist in all of us, but also to prove to myself that I need to recognise and resolve what I dislike about my own body.
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