5 London Barbers For 5 Types of Men


Over the past few years men’s grooming has taken off as an industry in terms of product ranges and companies providing grooming services. London, one of the main hubs and drivers of this growth, hosts a plethora of grooming salons across the city to satisfy all needs and budgets. Choosing the right one for you can sometimes be overwhelming with the majority of options having fantastic customer reviews and competitive pricing, so how do you select one?

Today, I put together 5 of my favourite London barbers from around for 5 different types of men, based on their services, decor, styles and product offerings. View Post

Discussing Male Body Image Issues & My Own Insecurities

I have always said that over recent years we have been seeing more of the pressures felt by women for decades, concerning body image, style and appearance, now being felt by men. Although in many ways this has sparked a revolution within men’s style, as many fashion-conscious men have risen to become top authorities within the industry, this has also resulted in a new wave of body image issues and insecurities in men across the world.

Before I continue, I should state that these same insecurities have plagued women and still do to this day. Furthermore, I in no way support the tendencies of brands to promote unhealthy ideals of beauty whilst actively shaming those who do not fit these same trends in either female or male society. This is something that affects all people at one time or another in their lives and can lead to both physical and mental health issues in the long run such as depression, body dysmorphic disorder, anorexia and even suicide. So today I wanted to step forward and put my own insecurities out into the world, not only to prove to you that they exist in all of us, but also to prove to myself that I need to recognise and resolve what I dislike about my own body.
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Understanding Charisma & Why It’s Important

I’ve often said to friends and followers that being a gentleman is about your attitude towards the world and other people, not the clothes you wear. A key element often seen in strong personalities is the presence of charisma and the ability to utilize it in a variety of situations. By definition, charisma is a compelling charm or attraction (not necessarily physical) that inspires devotion in others. More basically put, it is the ability to gain trust and understanding from those around you, whether they are strangers or close friends.

I’d like to add at this point that this is not a lesson in dating techniques or some sort of free online seminar on seduction, instead I want to discuss why charisma is an important part of being a member of society and contributing to it. So here are a few tips and ideas that have helped key members of society become more charismatic people. View Post

3 Ways Positive Thinking Actually Impacts Your Life

The above is performed by a movement called Playing for Change. Check them out and give your support if you can!

Positive thinking and optimism get something of a beating in modern society. It is considered by many to be a fool’s lifestyle that sees you bumbling through life, ignorant of the world’s troubles and lost in their own daydreams. Thanks to societal pressures and some of the more bland industries, we are taught to believe the only way to live your life is as a ruthless cynic or pessimist.

I grew up with people in my life who were cynics and pessimists and, believe me, there’s nothing beneficial or attractive about it as a lifestyle choice. They can take the joy out of almost any fun activity and often give initially negative reactions to suggestions. When I’ve discussed positive thinking with some of them, it’s often been dismissed as something of a pipedream for people who don’t understand how the world works. So to set the record straight, I’ve put together some mental, physical and professional benefits to optimistic thinking; as well as some of the main reasons pessimism is setting you back. View Post

What Makes A Modern Man?


“I dare do all that may become a man; Who dares more is none.” – Macbeth

The question of what makes a modern man and “manliness” has been one that’s been on my mind for the past few weeks. The concept of “masculinity” has undergone a great deal of change over the last few decades as more men have been looking after their health and making an effort in the way they look, and with it the way men are viewed. But what responsibilities do men have to society? Some of you may think that society does nothing for you and therefore you owe it even less. Others may have an antiquated idea of what a man “should be” and some of you may just be unsure of where you stand.

Today, I want to run through some of the values and practices that I think makes a man in modern society. It won’t just be covering the material that I usual write about but also looking into behaviours that we , as a gender, need to dispose of and some we need to turn into habits. View Post