3 Small Changes That Can Up Your Tailoring Style

The suit is a gentleman’s staple outfit. Elegant, sharp, sophisticated and masculine it is an icon of men’s fashion and one that you will see everyday. However, ensuring your tailoring stays exciting and new is difficult as not all of us can afford to purchase a new suit every week. A great solution is to ensure that the details and styles of your suit/accessories are versatile and interesting so that you can match them up to a variety of looks. So here are 3 tips to keeping your tailoring on top form.

Knitted Ties Get Noticed

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We have only recently started wearing knitted ties and we’re already hooked. Their texture and designs make them incredibly eye-catching in ways that normal ties might not be. With the knitted effect adding a new layer to the style and acting as a “three dimensional pattern” it can spruce up your suit in seconds. We particularly like some of the styles from T.M. Lewin (shown above) as they have a great quality feel with beautiful fabrics and inspired designs. View Post