3 Men’s Grooming Products That Blew Us Away

Men's Grooming Collection

We all have our favourite products that we stick to in our daily routine, but every now and then you try something new and it completely blows you away. These three managed to do just that and, as a result, are now included in our daily routines thanks to their quality, performance and versatility. View Post

Mint vs. Skint: Men’s Black Pepper Body Wash

Men’s body washes can sometimes fall short of expectations, some don’t provide a good clean whilst others just don’t smell particularly masculine. Despite the size of the market, the choice has always been remarkably limited at times. We at The Male Stylist have always been fans of finding products that suit a man’s needs, rather than barely cover them. So here are a few of our favourite body washes, for two different budgets, that will help you smell and feel like a man after every shower. View Post