4 Film & TV Villains With Killer Style

Film and television have brought many stylish protagonists to our screens, giving us good guys with great fashion giving us yet another reason to support them. From the classically suave Bonds to the flamboyant Dickie Greenleaf, the extravagance of Jay Gatsby to the rebellious Jim Stark each one has been heroically stylish. However, every now and then the villain’s dark intentions are expressed in their dark fashion-sense, giving us some of the best dressed bad guys on our screens. Today, we run through 4 of our favourites and what makes them so stylishly sinister.

Thomas Shelby – Peaky Blinders

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Thomas Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, is the leader of the Peaky Blinders, the well renowned Birmingham mafia of the 1920s. This real-life gang terrorised and controlled the city with ruthless violence and extensive money laundering; which the gruesome BBC TV series re-imagines brilliantly. Thomas’s love of long coats, thick wool tailoring and flat caps, complete with razors in the bill, makes his looks both iconic and sharp (no pun intended). Although not necessarily completely in keeping with today’s trends, there’s certainly a great deal of inspiration in Tommy’s wardrobe. View Post