A Gentleman’s Night-time Skincare Regime

Around a month ago we put together a full daytime skincare regime for men that covered the most important factors to maintaining healthy skin. However, whilst the day can be a workout for your skin, the night hours are when it is given the chance to recover and repair any damage or stress it has received. We’ve put together three different routines that are specifically designed to aid this repair in a variety of situations and, in some cases, help alleviate some of the issues faced when your skin isn’t given the chance to rest and recuperate.

The Early Night – Luxury Recovery

It’s an early week night and you’ve arrived home after a long day at work or a tough workout and collapsed on the couch, exhausted you decide you’ll have a chilled night and get to bed early. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to help calm your mind and help nourish your skin, ensuring that your skin recovers more effectively, blemishes are reduced and skin feels clearer the following day.

Our Chosen Product: Aesop Chamomile Anti-Blemish Masque – £33


It is testimony to this product’s quality that we often find it out of stock on the website and in stores, it is a natural and extremely effective way of providing luxurious facial skincare overnight. We initially followed the instructions, applying it and leaving it on for 15 minutes before washing it off, the results were not bad but also not great. However, we were later told by fellow bloggers that if you left it overnight the mask was much more effective at cleansing the skin. It’s especially effective at clearing up oily skin without drying it out too much or causing irritation.

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