What A Gent’s Wearing: Casual Italian Style


This week’s outfit is inspired by the recent re-invention of casual Italian styling in men’s fashion, something we’ve been writing and tweeting about a great deal in recent weeks. As well as being very comfortable it also works really well in very hot temperatures, ensuring you stay cool and relaxed in the summer heat. View Post

What A Gent’s Wearing: Summer Evening Casual In Black


This outfit is as much about the statement as it is about style. The entire ensemble uses black to trim the figure and act as a stark contrast in lighter surroundings during summer. The use of a polo t-shirt helps sharpen the piece when compared to the standard t-shirt and jeans combination. The slimmer-fit of the black jeans helps the torso look broader whilst at the same time adding a slightly classic look to the outfit. Finally the piece is finished with a pair of simple side-laced black shoes and a black belt with titanium buckle. View Post