3 Men’s Grooming Products That Blew Us Away

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We all have our favourite products that we stick to in our daily routine, but every now and then you try something new and it completely blows you away. These three managed to do just that and, as a result, are now included in our daily routines thanks to their quality, performance and versatility. View Post

Our Top 4 Shaving Creams [UPDATED]

Here at The Male Stylist we love our shaving creams and the benefits they provide for your skin. However, choosing the right one for you is often difficult especially when some can be particularly expensive. So we’ve put together three different shaving creams that we love, for three different types of budgets. Whether you’re a big spender or a big saver you can still enjoy a comfortable and quality shave.

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Should You Use Shaving Creams or Gels?

An essential part to the grooming routine for many men is the wet shave, a clean cut look that defines the jaw line and works with a variety of styles. However, the act of shaving itself can cause damage and irritation to the skin through razor burn, skin rashes and dried skin. This may be attributable to the way you shave but it can also be down to the type of shaving products you are using and the way they affect your skin. Here are some tips on making sure you have the right product for you.

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