Subscription Shavings: Are Monthly Shaving Kits Worth It?


A good shave does not come cheap and this is certainly true of modern shaving. Cartridge razors are expensive and buying replacement packs can be incredibly costly especially when big brands manufacture razors that ONLY fit their own models. For example, Gillette currently have 3 different top razor models on the market: the Fusion, Fusion ProGlide and Fusion ProGlide Styler. The blades for these razors cost £12.29 and, if you change them once every 3-4 shaves as recommended, you can easily end up spending close to £25 per month (£300 a year) on razors alone.

Recently, smaller shaving brands have been looking to address this by creating monthly shave package subscriptions that give you a razor  and then a set of blades on a monthly basis. The idea is that this is more cost-effective and convenient for consumers whilst providing a better shaving experience than the larger brands. Today, I see if those two statements are true and give some insight into my own experiences with shaving subscriptions. View Post

4 Tips For Preventing Razor Burn


Over the past few months we’ve been approached on multiple occasions by people, who suffer from razor burn after they shave, asking how they can avoid or at least reduce the irritation caused by shaving. Unfortunately it’s a fairly common occurrence for men and one that be both uncomfortable and unsightly, thus hindering a man’s confidence when it does happen.

Razor burn affects different people in different ways and doesn’t necessarily affect the whole shaved area. Most commonly it’s caused by shaving too closely, shaving with too much force or using an old/dull blade, resulting in itchy red bumps or patches on the affected area. There are many post-shave balms and ointments available to treat the condition when it occurs, however we prefer to ensure it doesn’t happen in the first place. So here are 4 tips to help prevent razor burn in the future. View Post