A Hair Stylist & A Sunglass Designer Walk Into A Barbershop…


Last week I had the privilege of being invited along to an event hosted by Ruffians Barbers and Finlay & Co. to commemorate the launch their new sunglass design collaboration (pictured above). The campaign, inspired by Finlay’s iconic, wood-framed eyewear and Ruffians vintage styling, was launched at the Ruffians’ Covent Garden salon was a celebration of all things to do with men’s grooming, style and fashion. View Post

The Male Stylist’s 1st Competition! [CLOSED]


So to celebrate us reaching 10,000 visitors in under 3 months, we wanted to give something back to you guys as a way of saying thanks for sticking with us. View Post

Our Top 6 Gentleman Grooming Salons in the UK

Over the past few years the gentleman’s barber has come back into fashion with many offering a variety of services including haircuts, styling, hot shaves, head massages, manicures and shoes shines. This growth in “spas for gentlemen” has meant that men everywhere can experience the luxury of a hot shave and whiskey cocktail before a big event or night out.

With such a plethora of options we decided to choose six grooming salons, from across the country, who have proven to be some of the best in their areas. We’ve taken into account customer reviews, magazine articles, barber awards and even personal recommendations to come out with 6 of our favourites.

6) Close Male – Manchester


With a multitude of reviews lauding their friendly staff, comfortable salon and relaxing atmosphere, Close Male has managed to create a name for itself in the North West as a top barbershop for male grooming. Their prices range from £4.50 for a beard trim to a full works treatment costing £79.50 that includes: traditional cut & finish, hair treatment, cut throat shave, face mask and an Indian head massage. They also have a “hangover cure” for £5 which has intrigued us to the point where we’re already planning a visit in the near future.

With 4 salons located in Manchester they are well worth a visit and their prices make them a bargain for any gentleman’s budget. View Post

3 New Grooming Products We Tried This Week

We’ve recently got our hands on some new grooming products that we’ve been eager to try and review for you guys, some because they’re renowned as fantastic products by many other reviewers or simply something that we haven’t tried before. Either way, we’ve loved these three and wanted to share what we love about them, and their brands, as well as some links on where to buy them.

1) Kiehl’s Heavy-Lifting Facial Fuel – £38

Kiehl Facial Fuel

This is by far one of the best moisturisers we’ve ever tried here at The Male Stylist, a heavy-duty, luxurious cream that provides great skin hydration and toning to the facial areas. We’ve been researching it and keen to review for a while and, since we got our hands on it  a week ago, it’s become a vital part of our everyday skincare routine.

Once you’ve applied it you can instantly feel it plumping and toning your skin, the texture is thick and smooth meaning application is easy and pleasurable. For anyone who suffers from dry skin this is certainly worth investing in due to its high quality and the fact that you don’t have to use a lot for each application to see results. View Post

Our Top 4 Shaving Creams [UPDATED]

Here at The Male Stylist we love our shaving creams and the benefits they provide for your skin. However, choosing the right one for you is often difficult especially when some can be particularly expensive. So we’ve put together three different shaving creams that we love, for three different types of budgets. Whether you’re a big spender or a big saver you can still enjoy a comfortable and quality shave.

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