4 Tips For Buying A Shirt

One of the most basic elements often included in a gentleman’s outfits is the shirt, whether casual or smart, plain or patterned, it is one of the core factors in most ensembles and can make or break your look. With such a variety of styles, fits, patterns, colours and brands it’s no wonder that choosing a shirt can be confusing. With this in mind, we’ve put together 4 tips that will help you get the basics of shirt selection right every time, saving you time, money and hopefully making you feel more confident in your style choice.

1) Get Measured


It sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at how your measurements can change drastically depending on diet, exercise regime and age. Most shirt-makers will break their shirt sizes down by your neck and arm measurements (in cm), so make sure you check these regularly. A collar that is too tight can make the neck look fat, whilst a sleeve that is too long will make the shirt look like a hand-me-down from your dad. As a result you’ll look uncomfortable and not feel confident in your own clothes.

Make a note of your measurements or get them checked in-store (most tailoring retailers will be able to do this) and if your shirt begins to feel like it doesn’t fit as well, get them re-measured. View Post