3 Ways To Stop Excessive Sweating

It’s summer and as the temperature increases so does perspiration, although not the most pleasant of topics it’s a consequence one that can be advised on and helped. Excessive sweating is a common issue for men (including some of us here) and one that can cause a great deal of discomfort as well as destroy personal confidence. Whether you’re commuting, in the office, on a night out or on a date it can ruin your comfort, how you feel and your style; so we’ve put together three different ways to help reduce/eradicate excessive sweating and let you enjoy summer. View Post

3 Everyday Things That Are Damaging Your Skin

There’s a lot of information available to men on improving your skincare and products that can help with anti-ageing, however something often overlooked is what we are currently doing everyday that damages our skin. Not only are you causing harm to your body, but you’re actively reducing the effectiveness of your skincare products. So here are a few things that you experience almost everyday and how we recommend reducing their impact.

1) Overuse of Indoor Swimming Pools

To clarify, we’re not arguing against a good swimming regime, however the effects Chlorine can have on your skin can potentially cause a great deal of irritation and damage. Even after a post-swim shower, chlorine can stick to the skin for hours and react with cleansers, moisturisers and everyday pollution. This can result in issues such as dry skin, spots and rashes that are not only uncomfortable but will actively degrade the elasticity and strength of the epidermis.

We Recommend: Using a bodywash rather than simply standing under the water helps. Washes with extra bubbles or an exfoliating shower gel will help remove more of the chlorine and help reduce the damage it does to your skin. View Post

Our Top 3 Face Masks For Men

At The Male Stylist we know that face masks are something of a delicate topic for men as they aren’t generally considered the most masculine of skincare products, however they are extremely beneficial for skin health and anti-ageing. We’ve put together a short guide of three of the top face masks for three different budgets, how they are good for your skin and why we love them.

Clearasil – Vitamins & Extracts Wash/Mask – £4.99

download (3)

The first benefit of this product is that it’s a mask and daily facewash in one, depending on how you apply it. It contains Avocado and Pomegranate extracts that help nourish skin cells and actively cleanses pores leaving skin stronger and healthier. It’s also pH balanced meaning it’s appropriate for all skin-types and isn’t a harsh cleanser when used daily. View Post

3 Simple Skincare Hacks For Men

It’s a sad truth that a lot of men don’t have a skincare regime and many more don’t know the benefits of having a good one. A gentleman should always take care of his skin as it’s the foundation of any outfit. So, in order to keep you looking sharp and clean cut we’ve put together some simple skincare hacks that will help you keep your skin clear, toned and smooth. View Post