5 Common Suit Mistakes That Ruin Your Outfit

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The suit, for most men, is a key outfit that is timelessly elegant when styled correctly, raising your style game and giving a suave and sophisticated look for any occasion that demands it. However, simply having and putting on a suit is only half the job done with some men (mistakenly) believing this is all they need to do to pull it off. Today, I wanted to run through some of the most common pitfalls and errors men fall into when wearing a suit and how to address them going forward. Follow these simple rules and you’ll step up your suit game from sloppy to sharp. View Post

5 Men’s Summer Style Looks To Steal


Summer is not an easy time to be putting together stylish outfits, with the easy choice often being to side with comfort over style to cope with the heat. However, for those events when you wish to smarten up under the Summer sun, men can become stumped and ultimately end up either woefully underdressed or sweltering under layers of fabric. Today, I’ve put together 5 different outfits of varying styles, different levels of complexity and appropriate for a multitude of both smart and smart/casual events. Hopefully by the end, you’ll have a few more looks to use that will keep you looking hot and feeling cool in the warmer months. View Post

5 Reasons You May Be Struggling With Personal Style


I often talk about personal style as being my main goal for this blog and my interpretation of fashion, however I’ve often had people say to me that they really struggle with discovering their own personal style. Although they actively spend a lot of time trying to find their “look”, they never quite manage to find something that they feel comfortable wearing and look good in. After a few questions, we usually ascertain that there is a particular reason that is preventing them from constructing great outfits. With that in mind, I wanted to highlight 5 common reasons you might be finding it difficult to find your personal style. View Post

5 Movies To Style Your Life By

Hollywood has produced movies that have defined style for generations to come, characters who have embodied the coolest fashions and the most sophisticated dress sense. We have always said to our followers that style inspiration is everywhere and nowhere is this more true than in our favourite films. Many have impacted us so much that our style have actively shifted around them and become more focused on ideas and themes that are used within the movie itself. We’ve put together 5 timelessly stylish movies that offer a wide variety of style inspiration, as well as entertainment, for you to check out next time you have a quiet evening in.

The Aviator

Leo Di Caprio’s rendition of  fictional character Howard Hughes has consistently been hailed as one of the top performances of his career. The high-flying (no pun intended) entrepreneur loves all things trendy and stylish during that era including Hollywood, aviation and leading ladies in his movies. His character deals with his inner torments throughout the movie and his style often reflects this with beautiful eccentricity and tailoring used to hide his inner fears. It’s a great source of inspiration for young men everywhere with plenty of style elements to adopt into your future wardrobes.

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The Male Stylist Around The Internet

As the blog founder and editor, I spend most of my time editing and working on content that is hosted on this site. As readers of the blog you’ve probably read a fair few of these posts, however what you may not know is that I have also written articles and been interviewed on other sites. I wanted to post a few of these on here to give you an opportunity to read them and see a few other talented members of the blogging community in action.

Autumn Winter (AW14) Fashion Trends: Expert Roundup – Style Division

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The very popular and beautiful blog, run by Anton Dvorakovsky, put together a roundup of male fashion stylists and brands to give their opinions on what the top AW14 trends are going to be. Anton was kind enough to ask me to contribute my thoughts and ideas on where the world of men’s fashion was heading this season. Other contributors included Off The Cuff London, The Attire Club and Buckets & Spades who all offered fantastic style ideas and predictions. View Post