Our Top 5 Gentleman Style Icons Over 50

A few weeks back we covered 5 of our favourite style icons under 30 who represented the best in young gentleman’s fashion and demonstrated how age is no barrier to looking your best. However to show we aren’t biased towards youth so we decided to put together a list of 5 stylish gentlemen over the age of 50, with the aim of proving that a gentleman, much like a good wine, can just as easily get better with age.

5) Pierce Brosnan

The ex-007 actor and Mamma Mia star turned 61 this year and appears to be showing no signs of changing his charismatic and debonair style soon. Whether he’s wearing beautifully tailored suits or simply dressed in a casual shirt and chinos, he is always an example of sharply dressed style. For any maturer gentlemen looking to develop a style that’s clean-cut and suave, Brosnan is a style icon worth watching.

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Our Top 5 Gentleman Style Icons Under 30

Gentleman’s style is not an older man’s game anymore as young actors and stars are showing themselves to be just as stylish as their more mature colleagues. We’ve put together a list of our top 5 style icons under 30 to show that even younger men can pull-off the gentleman’s look without it aging you.

5) Daniel Radcliffe

Following the end of the Harry Potter franchise there was much speculation about where Radcliffe’s talents would take him next or whether he would be forever typecast in his iconic schoolboy role. Luckily for everyone his determination and work ethic made him a roaring success in the theatre, as his roles in Equus and The Cripple of Innishmaan brought him critical acclaim and success. However, his style also matured with him as he grew from a small bespectacled boy into a suave young man, dressed in immaculate tailoring. His use of colours and patterns in his outfits is subtle yet powerful and reflect his character perfectly, certainly an icon for anyone pursuing a youthful look. View Post