5 Things All Men Should Know When Buying A Suit

Most gentlemen will spend some period in their lives selecting, being fitted for and buying a suit, a process that has become something of an art form in modern society. However, this is not a simple task and can often become confusing. What cloth is best? What fit suits your body shape? How long should it be? How do you know it’s worth the money? Should you spend more money to guarantee a better suit?

We decided to put together a small guide to help clarify some of the murkier areas of suit shopping, help you spot masterful tailoring and avoid an expensive mistake so you can shop in confidence.

1) Get a Feel for the Quality


Firstly, make sure to get hands on with material the suit is made of. Does it easily wrinkle in your hands if you lightly squeeze it? Do the buttons feel slightly loose or dangle? Is the material stiff or like plastic to touch? If any of these are true it’s best that you walk away before you go any further as this doesn’t appear to be a material that will be comfortable or durable when being worn.

First instincts are usually correct here and if what you feel doesn’t match up to what you’re paying then it’s likely to be overpriced or a nightmare to wear. Take your time with it and look for suits made of wool or wool-cashmere blends, these will be durable and extremely comfortable to wear.

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