3 New Summer Fragrances For 2016

Summer Fragrances The summer months are not only about sun, beer gardens and beaches but also about the fresh fragrances associated with summer flowers, chilled┬ácocktails and the open ocean. During this period, it’s worth rejuvenating your fragrance collection and adding in some new scents that compliment the warmer temperatures and summer styles. Whether it’s something fresh and subtle for an afternoon in the sun, cool and fragrant for a clear morning or dark and seductive for an evening out, your summer colognes should not only be a reflection of the climate, but also an expression of your style.

With that in mind, I’ve put together 3 new fragrances that have recently arrived on the scene that cover a variety of different summer situation and fashions. You can also find tips on wearing colognes and how to apply them so they last longer here. View Post