Watch Style: Louis Moinet & The Chronograph’s 200th Anniversary

LM-54.50.80_FRONT_WHDHere at The Male Stylist we don’t usually devote a whole article to a single item but then something quite extraordinary comes across our desk and, suddenly everything changes. Today, The Man About Time reviews a very special watch, for which it is certainly worth rewriting the rules.

Recently we looked at iconic chronographs and it is possible to argue, with a lot of recorded watch history on your side, that all chronographs owe a spiritual debt to Louis Moinet. Chronographs, literally ‘writing time’ are about showing and recording elapsed time rather than displaying the time of day. A little over 200 years ago, and before the word chronograph was coined, Louis Moinet began work on what would become the world’s first chronograph, his ‘Compteur de Tierces’. Today watches with chronograph functions are to be found in every jeweller’s window but finding something out of the ordinary, which combines a sense of heritage, craftsmanship and technology with a truly individual style, takes a little more discernment. However, if you have the necessary means, then the independent watch company which bears Louis Moinet’s name has produced a true classic with the introduction of the Memoris to its range. View Post

Watch Style: Split Second Styles

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The Man About Time has been away on holiday recently taking a well deserved break. However, today he returns and discusses some of his favourite watches from the real-life style icons of his generation.

Chronographs; that is watches which have a stopwatch function are always in style and in the world of mechanical watches there are a large number of manufacturers offering a variety of functions. Prices begin at around £900 for Christopher Ward’s award winning C700 Grande Rapide and can head as far north as your wallet will permit. Actually a lot of the medium price self-winding chronographs use the same movement (with or without modifications) so you decide on the look that you like and go for it. But this column is really all about style; so let us be a little controversial and argue that actually there are really only three chronographs that cut it for us here at The Male Stylist. Two are routed in motorsport and one is the only watch that has ever been to the moon! View Post

Watch Style: Slim Simplicity


After much persuasion, I’ve managed to get The Man About Time to talk about the slim watch trend and how they can be incorporated into your styles. Here he casts his eye over some of the best offerings around, covering all budgets and fashions, giving advice and reviewing top designs.

Fashions come and fashions go, in wristwatches as much as any other wearable item, but slim, simple and elegant watches are never out of style. However they are not entirely immune to fashion and most have grown to slightly larger diameters in the last five years though, despite this expansion, they have retained the ability to slide discretely under a gentleman’s cuff. As usual you can pay stratospheric prices for the simplest mechanical pieces with Piaget’s Altiplano being one of the peaks in perfection (and price) but, for those of us on a more limited budget, there are some simply stunning quartz offerings which are well worth considering. Take a look at these five pieces which exemplify ‘Elegant Simplicity’.   View Post

Watch Style – Divers(e) Pleasures

It may seem a little previous to be contemplating the beach whilst 2015 is still in its chilly first flush, but somehow a little cold outside naturally makes our thoughts turn to holidays in the sun and, if TV adverts are anything to go by, it seems to involve the beach and getting wet. In a roundabout way this brings us to watches that are comfortable joining you in the pool or, for that matter, the ocean; dive watches. First, let’s get one thing clear; in the 21st century no one actually needs a high quality mechanical dive watch, no matter how impressive the specification. Both professional and sport scuba divers have access to incredibly sophisticated dive computers that do a whole lot more than simply record how much time they have been underwater and yet…

Here at The Male Stylist we think the right dive watch complements casual and business wear and you just might get away with one with your dinner jacket! Here are some that we really like. View Post

Dream your New Year Watches

By the time you read this it will be 2015 and after what was, hopefully, a wonderful Christmas followed by a seriously enjoyable New Year’s Eve, you are probably all back at work and contemplating how you are going to bring your 2015 resolutions to fruition. Here at The Male Stylist we are also conscious that, as the seasonal afterglow fades and (unfortunately) the credit card bills arrive, a little horological pick me up might not be misplaced. So how about joining us in taking a moment to gaze into the January firelight, or computer screen, and indulging in a little daydreaming about wrist candy that we cannot quite yet afford, not even in pre – loved form.

Top of our list is a Patek Philippe and Watchfinder ( have, as usual, a selection of superb examples including this elegant 5130G day, date and moon phase complication. Quite simply stunning, with a 39mm white gold case which has an exhibition back exposing one of the most beautiful movements made today, it really does complete any gentleman’s outfit. Do take a look at the detailing on the deployment clasp; it is just a hint at the quality of craftsmanship inside that goes into making this an especially stylish timepiece.


It’s a 2014 model with almost two years warranty remaining and was £34,700 new, but at even at a bargain £26,750, sadly, we won’t be lifting it off the shelf today (or anytime soon)! View Post