5 Items Every Man Should Wear With A Suit

A few weeks back we did an article on understanding the quality of suits and what to look for when buying one, however following this article we’ve received many questions about accessorizing a suit and what to wear to complete the look. The answer is it’s the details that change a suit from being simple tailoring to a dapper style, so today we cover 5 accessories every gentleman should own and wear with a suit.

5) High Quality Collar Stiffeners


Collar bones, or stiffeners as they are sometimes known, are designed to structure the ends of a shirt’s collar so that they lie flat against the collar bones when worn. This ensures a crisp, clean look and reduces the likelihood of the collar bending as you move around. The majority of shirts comes with plastic stiffeners inside when purchased, however these will bend after being worn a few times and as such are not terribly effective.

High quality collar stiffeners, usually made from steel, silver or enamel, don’t suffer from this problem and do a much better job of keeping the collar structure tidy. We also believe that the slightly extra weight they add helps the collar sit on the neckline in a much more comfortable manner, as a result you’ll never have to worry about your collar looking out of place or bent.

The set pictured comes from T.M. Lewin for £25 and suits a range of collar sizes, well worth the investment. View Post